Extra 2 – July 17 ‘My Last Will & Testament’

This is something I have thought long and hard about. Preparing for my brothers funeral was the ultimate guessing game. My mum got basically everything she wanted and my dad made sure that everything was 100% Catholic and 100% Perfect.

The conversation of my burial has come up several times since, not with my immediate family, but outsiders questioning me that if it was my time to go – what would I want done. So I decided to help everyone out a little, I decided to produce my own will and give it to several trusty family members to keep on hand. Just in case of course.

So here it is, raw and fresh.

‘I, Yasmin Geddis, of Coleraine, Northern Ireland declare this to be my Last Will and Testament.

With the power of judgement placed in my parent’s hands, if they have passed my advocates Conall Ferguson and Andrew Mills abide by my final wishes regarding my burial and placement (final).

If I have started a family and/or am married, if I was truly loved by them, they will understand and respect my wishes, however my advocacy remains the same as listed above.

Depending on the order that my remaining family members pass I would like the following taken into consideration:

  • Cremation ONLY if my parents (both) are still alive.
  • Buried with my father to await my mother and brother
  • I wish to be kept in my family house (pinetrees) next to my brother, Zachary if cremated, then placed beside him when he gets laid to rest.

If I have any assets, I would like for them to be sold and the money donated to ZSNI. If I have a dog, or if Moses is still alive, I wish him to go to my parents’ house. Under no circumstances is my dog(s) to be re-homed or put to sleep.

No matter the time in my life or my situation I wish to be forever beside my first love Zachary as we should have never been separated prematurely.’


Always remember;

Yasmin Z Geddis

6th August 1992 – 18th March 2017

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