Today, August 6th 2017 is my 25th Birthday. I was 4 when you were born, so I cannot remember those premature birthday years before you were here. So, in my head, today is the first birthday I will have without you. There will be no celebrations, no balloons or cheers at no. 23. No smiles, […]

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My Last Christmas

“I laugh Daddy got you a toaster!” My phone lights up at 6am with Zachary’s name flashing across my screen. Its 6.30am, one 20-year-old brother and 24-year-old me lying in our beds with just plasterboard separating us I can hear him chuckle at my reply, “Well I hope you get another go cart”. Its December […]

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23 Wishes

Today is my beautiful Brother, Zachary’s 23rd Birthday and the 3rd Birthday he has spent in heaven. It also marks the Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trusts 2nd Anniversary and the date of our first campaign launch: Keep the Light On.  Every year that goes past, I dread this date – I dread waking up […]

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Keep the Light on Campaign Launch

October 16th 2019 The Keep the Light on Campaign was an idea derived from the popularity of the ZGBTST’s Cycle for Suicide Fundraiser in June 2019 – which seen Zachary’s Dad, Terry embark on a mammoth journey around Northern Ireland, cycling 1200 miles in 11 days and lighting a 7 day burning candle in 120 […]

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